Wireless Point to Point Networking

For remote or difficult to physically cable scenarios, Barracom can design and supply a wireless networking solution to connect your business and buildings together.

Point-to-Point Radio Link

We can supply and install the right radio link to connect your business to wherever you need.

We have current wireless links in place for customers from as short as couple of hundred metres, to approximately 20 kilometres in distance.

If there is direct line of sight, there’ll be a solution out there for you.

Wireless Internet

If you currently only have ADSL or ADSL 2+ copper available in your area, we can offer you several options to deliver high-speed internet.

If you have direct line of sight to a premises (for example, a related business) that can get NBN or cable internet, we can install point-to-point radio links between your building and another building and send the high-speed internet across the Wireless link with full delivery of the service.

Barracom is also partnered with wireless ISPs who can provide licensed high-speed internet (or unlicensed for lower speeds).